Now available for delivery in most of Ontario & Quebec! Please validate your postal code before shopping.


What is The Saputo Fridge?

The Saputo Fridge is an outlet for overstocked and limited shelf-life goods!

In an effort to avoid wasting perfectly delicious products, we thought we would open our fridge up to you.

This is a limited time opportunity to purchase directly from us, only available while quantities last. Don't wait, place your order today! First come, first served.


How will I receive my items?

Delivery direct to you!

Our customer service team will schedule your delivery via a refrigerated truck or through Purolator, depending on your area. To find out how your order will be delivered, please validate your postal code when placing your order.


Deliveries are made weekly, Wednesday through Friday, between 7am and 5pm. 

Upon placing your order, you will be able to choose the delivery day that is best for you.

Your items will be packed and shipped in a corrugate box. Please ensure that you will be home during this time and able to put your order in the fridge within one hour of delivery.



Deliveries are made weekly, Tuesday through Thursday, between 7am and 9pm.

Upon placing your order, you will be able to choose the delivery day that is best for you.

Your items will be packed and shipped in an insulated cooler with ice packs, designed to keep your products fresh while on route. Upon receipt of your delivery, don’t delay. Be sure to unpack your insulated cooler and place your items in the fridge right away.

At this time, delivery is only available within Quebec and Ontario (some exceptions apply). We are actively working on expanding our network. Please validate your desired delivery location by providing your postal code during the ordering process. 

What else do I need to know?

1- Delivery fees.  Orders under $75 will be charged a $10 (flat rate) delivery fee. The $10 delivery fee will be waived for orders $75 and over, after discounts and promo codes have been applied. Feel free to pool your orders with friends, family and neighbors so you don't have to pay the delivery fee!

2- No returns, no order changes.  All purchases are final sale. We reserve the right to cancel orders.  

3- Shelf-life guarantee. Upon packing your products for delivery, our team will ensure there is a minimum of five days of shelf life upon delivery of your order.

4- Respect limits.  All products have a minimum and maximum purchase quantity. This information is also noted within the product description. 

5- First come, first served.  Products are only available while quantities last. 

6- Inventory updates.  Stock will be adjusted daily, so be sure to check back in.


Questions? We're here for you!

Our Customer Service Team is available to connect with you Monday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm EST.
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